Search Execution & Pricing

Why Executive Search

The need for executive search arises when a company cannot internally satisfy a senior management need, or when corporate diversification and/or growth demands an individual with new and/or significantly different qualifications.


B+R Partners presents candidates on most searches within 30 – 45 days after initiation.


Our consultative search discipline and methodology focuses on finding the right candidate for client companies, as opposed to simply placing people in jobs.  B+R Partners normal search methodology includes the following steps:

  • Initial client meeting to become familiar with the company’s competitive position and the overall  corporate  culture, as well as the environment existing at a specific location or facility.
  • Development of a Position Specification to outline the scope and responsibilities of the job,  reporting  relationship, candidate qualifications and compensation.
  • Detailed research to identify potential candidates.
  • Recruit qualified candidates and ascertain their interest in the job.
  • Personal interviews of the more promising candidates to confirm qualifications and to determine  the “cultural  fit.”
  • Presentation of candidates to include resumes, as well as interview notes containing important  information  about the candidates’ values, work ethic, life experiences, etc.
  • Conduct in-depth reference checks for the selected candidate.
  • When appropriate, serve as intermediary between client and candidate in the offer and/or  negotiation process preceding employment.

Special Pricing Proposition

B+R Partners is properly positioned between higher cost retained search firms and commission driven contingent firms. Within the industry, contingent fee practitioners typically consummate 10-15% of all “job orders”, and quickly move on from one assignment to the next if they are not successful in matching a candidate to a position within a short amount of time. Many other retained search firms bill 100% of the fee without regard to successful consummation of the search.

B+R Partners provides clients a rare fee and billing proposition, which differs considerably from other retained search firms and contingent placement companies.  We bill an initial engagement fee to launch every search, but the remaining fee is contingent upon job offer and acceptance by the candidate.  This engagement fee allows for a fully focused approach, resulting in successful consummation of all assignments.  We do not accept searches that are 100% fee contingent simply because our focus is to complete every assignment we accept.

Our hybrid fee and billing practice reflects our focused approach and aligns payments and performance.

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